All kinds of certificates are issued at the clinic. Before a certificate is issued, a medical history is taken and a clinical examination is carried out. Depending on the nature of the certificate, an electrocardiogram (ECG) is carried out and the necessary laboratory tests are prescribed. For special certificates the procedure shall be modified accordingly. The most commonly used certificates are indicated:


  • Sports Certificates - Athlete Health Card
  • Swimming pool certificates
  • Health Certificates of Health Interest
  • Health certificate for employment in the public or private sector
  • Health Certificate for appointment of teachers
  • Health Certificate for Armed Forces
  • Health certificate for driver candidates of all categories
  • Health certificate for renewal of driving licence


  1. Certificates of absence from work or school-academic activities are issued if there is a medical reason. Sick leave is granted following a visit to the doctor's surgery, a clinical examination and the prescription of medication and laboratory tests.
  2. Health certificates for minors are issued exclusively by public institutions
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